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George M. Davison - President

How do you inspire creativity? If you are George M. Davison, you build a 70,000 square-foot wonderland specifically designed to spark imagination and foster creative thinking. Build this space in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa., as George Davison did, and you will have created something truly unique. Add a state-of-the-art production studio and talented professionals from Disney and Pixar, and see how creativity thrives!

George Davison, president and chief executive officer of new product development firm, Davison, is the creator of Inventionland, "the world's most unique workspace." His early ambitions to inspire creativity have expanded to include plans for a media division, educational division and merchandising division.

"There's nothing like a little fantasy to get imaginations and business - moving."
From "Snapshot: George Davison" by J. Michael Krivyanski
Entrepreneur magazine, January 2008

Davison has seen his greatest dreams come to life. He has done this in a short amount of time with a modest budget. He has contended with a number of critics, all trying to discourage him from doing things differently. He's fearlessly faced the skeptics and proven to the world that dreaming big DOES work, and that inspiration will blossom in environments where fantasy and reality come alive.

Three years ago, Davison realized that he had to keep his product designers inspired and motivated to constantly create new designs. Instead of getting frustrated by this challenge, George Davison decided to try an unconventional solution - to change the work environment.

With the help of his creative staff, George Davison sketched out Inventionland. Nearly 18 months later, in the fall of 2006, Inventionland opened for business. This fully-functional, inspirational, new product design factory is unlike any other workspace in the world. Davison has created what was once only in the imagination.

With 240 new products created every month at this product design and development factory, Davison's team of award-winning designers set an example of America's can-do spirit and ingenuity. The Davison team delivers a constant flow of innovative products to companies. These companies, in turn, are able to stay ahead of their competitors. Davison also has a segment of business that develops client ideas from concepts to products.

George Davison had the idea to bring creativity into the workplace when he was a just a young child. You might say he was always a big dreamer. He was born in Oakmont, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh, in 1963. He and his younger brother Gordon were raised by his mother, Moira, who encouraged her boys to work hard to fulfill their dreams.

Davison came from a family of entrepreneurs. His great grandfather formed Davison Sand and Gravel Corporation, which grew for over 125 years into the largest operation of its type in western Pennsylvania. On his mother's side, there was McCreery Brothers Corporation, which designed, engineered and fabricated heating and cooling systems for some of the most challenging structures in Pittsburgh. William Bailey McCreery Jr. designed heating and cooling system used in Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

After college, Davison decided to follow the entrepreneurial spirit of his family. He spent two years making a product to kill toothbrush germs. Like most inventors, he was discouraged when someone beat him to the market. Davison then determined that there must be an easier way to design, develop and present ideas to corporations. So he came up with a process for inventors to get their ideas designed and prepared for possible licensing. This exclusive process now drives the Davison company.

Some Products Designed by Davison

Sam Sandora - Senior Vice President

Sam Sandora, senior vice president of the Davison Entertainment Group, is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry. He is a writer, producer, Emmy-nominated director and member of the Writers Guild of America West and the Directors Guild of America.

Picture of Sam Sandora

Mr. Sandora worked as a writer, segment producer and director on The Disney Channel's "Mickey Mouse Club" for two seasons, earning an Emmy-nomination for "Outstanding Directing in a Children's Series." He also created, wrote, co-produced and directed "Rusty Tales," a children's television pilot shot at the Disney/MGM Studios that starred Ed McMahon.

Sandora started his career working as a writer on the television show "FRIDAYS" (ABC), a late night comedy show that featured Larry David and Michael Richards. He later went on to work on HBO's first comedy series, "Not Necessarily the News," which won a Cable Ace Award in 1984.

Mr. Sandora has also worked as a writer on "KTV," a PBS children's show pilot. Additionally, he worked as a director on an episode of the popular Disney Channel show, "The Jersey," and directed a number of 'Disney Weekend Preview' wrap-around promotions which featured numerous Mouseketeers.

Sandora's experience in the industry spans 27 years. He has worked with countless corporate and Fortune 100 companies creating distinctive and result-oriented sales and marketing videos, programs and live events. Through his career, Sandora has established a strong client base in the corporate, industrial and health care markets.

In 1989, Sandora received a Distinguished Alumni Award from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a partner in Streamline Communications, a marketing firm that is partnered with GE Card Services. He has served as a faculty member of Pittsburgh Filmmakers where he taught Technical Directing.